8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training (MBSR)
for English speakers

Discover the power of mindfulness. Reduce stress and start living fully - here and now, with happiness, truly. Welcome to the training, which will lead you through the path of self-growth and inner balance. 

March 5th - April 23rd, 2020 in Warsaw

For whom:
- for people who want to reduce stress in their lives 
- for all who want to learn how to cope better with stressful situations
- for people who wish to improve their health and quality of life
- for anyone who experiences insomnia and difficulty relaxing
- for those who want to learn to live consciously and mindfully
- for people who wish to improve relations with others
- for everyone who desires to reclaim the joy of life
- for those who would like to live with greater ease and energy
- for all wanting to improve work-life-balance
- for people experiencing strong stress at work
- for those who wish to improve memory, concentration and creativity
- for all who want to develop self-acceptance and self-confidence
- and everyone who wishes to live fully, authentically, with happiness

Price per person: PLN 1,390 
Book for two persons and save: PLN 2,780  PLN 2,600

About training:

The 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction training is a program that teaches concentration on the present moment. It uses elements of mindfulness meditation, body awareness and gentle movement exercises to learn how to change habitual reactions that are the main source of experienced stress and low mood. It was developed by professor Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Stress Reduction Clinic as a tool for working with people suffering from chronic pain and health problems. It is the most well-known program for the development of mindfulness in the world, which has been given many scientific studies confirming the beneficial influence of mindfulness on human health and quality of life.

The practice of mindfulness harmonizes the body and mind on many levels. Calms down, helps in developing a healthy perspective towards reality, opens up to what is good and beautiful in our lives. It teaches us to look after ourselves in a way that allows us to enjoy a fuller, healthier life. As we continue our practice, we open up to sensations coming out from our bodies and senses and develop respect for our own emotions and needs, more and more often experiencing a genuine sense of peace and inner balance. Mindfulness could be called a beautiful lesson of walking through life with lightness and grace - a lesson building the ability to cope wisely with most of everyday challenges.


•  8 workshop sessions - 2,5 hours each, once a week: Thursdays at 18:00
•  additional session: Mindful Day on Saturday at 9:00-14:00
•  practical training of many mindfulness techniques
•  home practice between sessions 
•  materials: MBSR student handbook, instructions and mp3 recordings with meditations
•  individual consultation with teacher before training
•  opportunity to discuss and share practice experiences during sessions with teacher and other participants
•  and all that in very comfortable conditions - safe and friendly surrounding, nice place and among kind people

Session themes: 

Session 1: Mindfulness. Waking up to Automatic Pilot
Session 2: Gathering the scattered mind
Session 3: What is Stress?
Session 4: Coping with Stress 
Session 5: Mindfulness of Thoughts
Session 6: Mindfulness of Emotions
Session 7: Cultivating Compassion
Session 8: A Mindful Life. Taking practice forward.

Benefits for you: 

•  your ability to cope with stress will increase
•  you will learn to react calmly in difficult situations
•  you will regain freedom of choice and open up to new opportunities
•  you will take care of your health and well-being
•  you will learn to listen and understand sensations of your body
•  you will learn how to prevent relapses of a depressed mood
•  your resistance to pain and diseases will increase
•  you will stop worrying and regain joy of life
•  your body will relax and you will attain lightness of mind
•  you will open up to your real needs and desires
•  the level of your energy will increase
•  your relationships with other people will improve
•  you will learn to accept your emotions
•  the quality of your sleep and the ability to relax will improve
•  your memory, concentration and creativity will improve
•  your intellectual abilities will increase
•  you will learn to better manage your time and energy
•  you will develop kindness towards the world and people
•  you will get to know and understand yourself better

Sessions are conducted in small, intimate groups.
You are warmly welcome!

8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Price per person: PLN 1,390
Book for two persons and save: PLN 2,780  PLN 2,600

Questions? Contact us:

 +48 572 310 752


About teacher:

Dariusz and Karolina Mazurek – mindfulness and meditation teachers, personal development trainers, business trainers. They are distinguished by a great passion for working with people and a long-lasting personal practice of meditation and yoga, thanks to which their classes gain additional depth and give participants authentic, firm support in development of mindfulness. The training organized by Mindful Living Academy is based on original program created by professor Jon Kabat-Zinn and is provided according to the highest UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers standards. Two teachers leading the training offer twofold support during the practice as well as both male and female perspective bringing additional value for participants.

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